Tools & Offerings

Your innovative toolkit for a resilient water future

We provide you with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to effectively manage your water data, including advanced analytics software, custom data analysis, and applied research. With expert guidance and support, our resources ensure that your water data becomes a valuable asset, enabling informed decision-making and sustainable water resource management strategies.

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Our 4 Core Offerings

The toolkit includes advanced software, powerful data queries, and custom support for your staff

Analytics Platform
Transform your consumption data into insightful dashboards and customized reports.
AMI Query 
Unlock AMI data with customized reports and unlimited storage in our powerful database.
Data Science Support
Extend the capabilities of your staff and tackle your unique analytics projects.
Data Consulting & Pilot Programs
Solve complex data challenges with trusted data science expertise from the CaDC team.
Our Analytics Platform

Collect, visualize, and synthesize your data with Wavelet, our insightful analytics platform

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Gain clarity on water usage by setting goals, analyzing trends, and benchmarking customer usage with precision

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Calculate your Water Use Objective to stay on track
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Gain insight, then act decisively
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Compare customer usage to budgets or neighbors for reference
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Track usage over time, seasonally, & with local weather comparison
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Easily segment and organize customers for targeted outreach and tracking

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Easily classify customers for your needs
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Quickly sort and filter customers
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Group customers by characteristics or usage
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Highlight areas like HOAs for tracking and outreach
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Effortless report generation with automated detection of usage irregularities

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Generate reports for regulators, boards, grants, and others
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Identify high-usage customers for efficiency program outreach
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Identify low-usage accounts early to address potential errors
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Measure, communicate, and collaborate for program and policy effectiveness

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Assess the effectiveness of your programs and policies
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Communicate the tangible impact of your programs
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Collaborate with other CaDC members to exchange best practices
Our AMI Query Engine

Unlock instant insights with our AMI Query Engine for transformative AMI data analysis

Immediate Results
CaDC's AMI Query Engine grants water utility data analysts instant access to your AMI data, eliminating delays and providing timely, actionable insights, for informed decision-making.
Limitless Cloud Storage
Seamlessly integrating with leading AMI vendors' cloud storage systems, our Engine ensures that you can readily access and securely store as much historical data as you need.
High-Performance Data Queries
Built on a high-performance database, CaDC's Engine supports the reporting tools you already use. From PowerBI dashboards to flexible queries using SQL, the Engine delivers lightning-fast responses to enable rapid data retrieval and analysis for massive datasets.
Growing Library of Reports
With an expanding library of reports developed by the CaDC community, our Engine empowers analysts to perform a wide range of queries, from basic trend analysis to advanced predictive modeling, streamlining decision-making and driving actionable insights.

We integrate with major AMI vendors:

Our Data Science Support Services

Supplement your staff to quickly complete data analysis projects

See examples of how you could use CaDC as an extension of your staff, tapping into specialized data skills to break the status quo and improve processes, operations, and policies.
Recoup revenue by combining billed use, water budgets and AMI data to identify failed and failing meters.
Gauge the impact of proposed policy actions to ensure your proposals will have the intended results.
Rebate Water
Savings Evaluation
Assess conservation program effectiveness by analyzing pre and post-rebate water consumption changes.
Peak Flow
Understand peak hourly flows for each of your customers to support pressure management, meter sizing, and more.
Messy Data
CaDC’s expert data wranglers provide formatting, validation, and quality control for all types and sources of data.
Software and
Tool Evaluation
A user-centered approach supports sifting through the myriad data tools and software to find what really meets your needs.
Our Data Consulting and Pilot Programs

Navigate California’s complex water challenges with our data experts

From modeling to custom software, there’s no limit to the types of projects that you can bring to life with the CaDC at your side.
Water Budget Development
Prepare the data needed to implement accurate water budgets for rate setting and customer messaging.
Water Use Objective Compliance
Verify data accuracy, estimate CII landscape area, and classify customers to ensure compliance with water efficiency regulations.
Regional Data Collection & Dashboards
Collect and manage the data you need to understand your service area, fulfill reporting requirements, and support collaboration.
Custom Workflow Software
Save staff time and reduce costly errors with software that simplifies complicated customer service and programmatic workflows.
Water Shortage Allocation Models
Balance equity and long-term investment with an allocation model that addresses unique water shortage conditions.
Calculate Sewer Flow Factors
Develop indoor water use and sewer flow factors that account for outdoor water use and a diversity of customer types.